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Stan’s Story

What’s the right move?

Ashely felt like she needed to make a move, her father was getting up there in years and she didn’t like being across town from him, closer would be better, so she was going to make the move to be closer to him. We helped her plan what that would look like, the costs, the places that might work, but her father had other plans. Was this really the right move?

Her father agreed, closer would be better, being closer to the grandkids and to the family would be good, but he didn’t want them to take on the extra expense of moving just for him. So instead he would make the move to her. What he needed isn’t more care, just less to take care of, a whole house for one person was too much now, it wasn’t the right size anymore. So, he’d adjust, sell, and move on down the road to be closer to his family, we call it Rightsizing.

How to make the right move, right.

As we’ve been saying, the market is under construction, it’s adjusting and houses must adjust with it, the days of just putting a house on the market being enough is over, buyers want more. Every house needs some love, some improvement, but making the choices on which improvements is the difference between being ready for market, being over ready for market, or worst of all not being ready for the market. We help make sure that you are doing just the right things to make your house ready, help to declutter and move out, and help organize the army of contractors, cleaners, and photographers to get ready for market. We also help make sure you don’t do the wrong things, keep improvements to only what needs to be done and prevent them from spiraling beyond where you will get those costs back when you sell. What’s more, we even lend a hand where it’s needed loading a POD or some furniture to a new place.

The total cost of the upgrades for stans house was around 5000 dollars, most of that taken up by the new appliances for the kitchen and we are hoping for a great return on that investment. A little bit of paint and love can go a long way towards making your house worth that extra couple thousand dollars.

This home goes on the market this week, priced $400,000. Come by the open house and get yourself a piece of his story.



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