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Bri and Jake’s Moving Day

Bri and Jake’s Moving Day

On my first day back at work, second day of the year, I got a call “The seller needs help moving out, it’s closing day and he hasn’t started packing yet.”

THAT’S CRAZY!! That never happens! But ok…lets see what we can do.

I head over to the house and help the seller and his realtor pack up, get organized and moved out, throwing things in bags and into a moving van. It had to get done by days end, not just for the closing itself but for our buyers, it was going to be their house in just a few hours! It’s amazing the changeability of this job, that day I was a mover. It was a team effort, working with the seller all day to get him all packed and into his truck, but we got it done!  By the end of the day a full house was cleaned out, and our buyers could start moving in.

It was an unexpected way to start the year, and what ended up being a really great day of work. It was enjoyable to start the year helping someone, and I hope that day gets reflected in the rest of the year. Helping people get their move on!

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