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The Fox Story

The Fox Story

One hundred years ago there was a man who lived in the mountains at the mouth of the Amazon river.

He wanted something at the top of a hill which was impossible to reach, the only passible way was the river because of the thick jungle that surrounded everything, and the river was blocked by rapids and waterfalls towards the sides of the mountain where he wanted to be. He saw something there, something worth the world to him, maybe it was a life, maybe it was a dream, maybe it was just a quiet place. This did not change the impossibility of it.

So, he took his steamboat to the edge of the falls. Landed it off to the side, tied ropes to the engines and the top of the hill, using pullies and rails and using the engines with all their power, Sweeney Fitzcarroldo pulled a ship up the side of a mountain, and he lived there for the rest of his days.

This happened 150 years ago in Peru and it still happens today. Men want to climb the mountains, and through improbability, impossibility and the adversity of the mountains men of clever endurance conquer the mountains and it is those sort of men who call the mountains home.

Welcome to that group.

brown canoe in the body of water near mountain
Photo by Tobi on Pexels.com


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