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We Are All Stories In The End

We Are All Stories In The End

Remember this place.

This is the place you stepped out the door and into something bigger on the inside.

Houses are confined spaces, only so deep and only so wide, but they all hold so much.

They don’t just hold chairs and carpet pads and enemies in the attic. I mean they do, but that’s not the point, well… not usually and nobody likes attics anyway.

The point is…. the point always is, that it holds you, and you can hold so much. Within you is every moment of life, a history of a creation, millions of cells acting in unison in a person, in a galaxy, and here, this place is where it happens, and nowhere else in the whole universe can say that. This is a special place, and the thing that makes it bigger on the inside, is you. You get to have your adventure here, here you make your story start.

We are all stories in the end. Make it a good one eh?

– The Doctor



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