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Success Story!

Success Story!

Jennifer Leathers was tired of paying rent, at these prices it doesn’t make any sense. Why flush $1,400 away on rent for a one bedroom apartment? That’s the same as a mortgage for some people, and what do you get for rent but a month of staying in a place? So she decided to own and she called us.

After a search, and a great find just down the street from where she currently rented, we got her under contract and headed to the closing table, and what a closing it was! Normally at closing the buyer pays the money and gets the house. In this case, since it was a VA loan Jennie got not only her earnest money back, but also because of our amazing lender, she got a reduction on her principal payment and 350 dollars extra! She actually made a little bit of money BUYING a house! Unbelievable!

What a great situation this is for Jennie too, she is paying $40 more a month to own, and that money she pays goes into something that is her own, which gains value with the work she puts into it, and in which her payments are not going to go up and up like rent can. And because of her VA loan she was able to buy with no money down and at VA rates! What a great benefit to her service!

If you are tired of paying rent, and would like to know how you could shift into an ownership situation give us a call, we’d love to help you find your path to ownership. The first step is just a call.




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