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Going The Extra Mile

Going The Extra Mile

Sometimes this market throws you a curveball. 2293 S Coors Street was a 3 bedroom house that had been converted into 2 beds in favor of a larger room. This was a problem because even though the house was on an amazing green lot surrounded by parks and green space, with wonderful upgrades and finishes to the kitchen and bathrooms, nobody is looking for a 2-bedroom house with 2000 square feet. People set their search at 3+ beds and our house fell through the cracks of the search engine. We could tell this quickly when the house wasn’t getting the interest that we expected, a day went by with no showings when there should be 10-20. Time was wasting, the house was sitting, and we were about to lose the first weekend on the market.

When your net has a hole in it, you pull out your fishing pole and hope for a bite and that’s what I did. I held the house open, hoping to generate some traffic and interest. Thank God the fish were out and biting that day. The open house brought in 7 groups of buyers from the streets into the house to look at it. I treated each one like a showing, giving each of them a tour, showing the property, highlighting it’s features and generating interest. A few of them even called their agent to see the house again.

The open house worked so well, and we still had very few showings from the internet, that I held it open again the next day, and just as it started one of the groups from the day before wrote an offer. Great news, but in this market its not uncommon to get multiple offers, and the second open house worked even better than the first, generating two more offers!

With many offers on the table it not only gives the sellers choice, but puts them in the driver’s seat, allowing us to negotiate the things they wanted into the contract, such as limited inspection, a quick closing and even a waived appraisal! We ended up going from no showings to a full priced offer with all the provisions we were hoping for in it, all from open houses, and in two short weeks we closed.

Congratulations to Ann and Tony on a successful deal, your house was a lot of fun to sell.



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