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Roots & Wings

Roots & Wings

Roots & Wings : Sarah’s Story: How To Make Your Home Into Your Dreams

There doesn’t seem like two things are more opposed than travel and home. One is the adventure of ‘out there’, the bucket list of places we’ve yet to go and cultures we’ve yet to see. The other is the safe stability of your own place, a laundry list of dream projects we’ve yet to build and communities to be a part of. It’s a choice that many people are torn by, because many don’t have the resources to do both, but it doesn’t have to be an either-or situation.

17757324_10155081075720645_1962913521071662294_nSarah loved to travel, seeing India and Bali and Mexico, and she also had a passion for the healing arts and yoga, but two years prior she had made the choice to put down roots and buy a house. Houses have the effect of planting you, and that makes any thoughts of indulging her wanderlust into dreams rather than plans.

But houses can also give you wings.

1745 Nueva Vista Dr Thornton-large-002-1-Exterior Side View-1448x1000-72dpiShe had bought her house only two years prior and in that time her house had apricated more than enough to travel for a year, so she took her roots and turned them into wings. In selling her house she has been able to finance a year’s travel and learning yoga in India and south Asia. She didn’t have to leave it all behind, she simply took it and turned it into something else.

If she didn’t own the house in the first place she couldn’t have done this, and that house had treated her well, she had room for roommates who helped pay the mortgage, a large backyard for her dogs, a craft room but it’s final gift to her was the freedom to pursue her dreams and turn them into realities. And that’s what houses should do for us, they should enable us to live our lives in the ways we want to. There are so many great reasons to buy, but this might be the best.

Have fun Sarah, wherever you are.



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