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Finding A Home Is Like Falling In Love

Finding A Home Is Like Falling In Love

Loving is easy at first, because at first all you know is the vague outline of what you want, a house shaped cloud in the future, a house made of hopes and dreams, and oddly homeless, for it could be anywhere, when every hearth could be home, where do you live?

When you step out the door on the adventure of house finding you have no idea what awaits you, and once you’ve done that and you start to get to know the terrain, finding out what you want and need.  It’s then you must make choices, whittle down, and after walking into disappointments and hot messes, boom it happens, you find the one. It’s like love.

But how do you get the one you love? You must be ready for it when it happens, so that you can fight the way you need to, you want to get noticed, it’s so easy for a someone to swipe left these days. Shane and Lupe had their ducks in a row, made the right proposal, even made a little video with their cute little girl in it to seal the deal, it always helps to be adorable to get you out of the dating world and engaged.

Now is a dance that many soon to be newly weds go through, planning, primping, getting used to the quirks each other have after inspection. Deciding what things, they could live with and learning everything they could about each other.  All ending up in a happy marriage of home buyer and seller. Now starts the life together, a family and a home, treat each other right,

Love, It’s the thing that makes a house into a home.



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