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Your Guide to buying a new build

Your Guide to buying a new build

With inventory of homes in such short supply in Denver now, we need more houses more than ever, and you may notice everywhere you look there are developments popping up with new home builds, new neighborhoods, and new opportunities to own! So what are the benefits and costs of buying a new home. Here is a guide to new home builders, and what we can offer you to help you along the way to owning a newly built home.

  1. Costs and Benefits- A common myth is that not having an agent in buying a new house is cheaper. It isn’t. It costs the same, but if you don’t have an agent the builder just pockets the money, leaving you without representation. Without an agent you are at the mercy of the builder, with no one looking out for your interests, putting you at a disadvantage. Hiring us gives you all the advantages of having an agent, our wisdom, advocacy and services, for no extra cost.                                                                                                                             keep-calm-and-hire-an-agent
  2. Competition: In our hot market its common to have to fight to get the home you are looking for if you are looking to buy traditional. Competition, bidding wars, and not being able to find the exact thing you are looking for are common problems. When buying new you have the option of going to the builder, getting in line for a lot, and shopping “off the rack”, a process that while still having its complications can feel much simpler. We will help you find the right builder for your needs, placing you in the best situation to get the process started quickly and in the best place for your needs. new-home-builders
  3. You pick your house: Part of the process of buying new is you get to customize the home you are buying for your needs and desires. Most new builders have a Design Center where you can add on upgrades such as granite counter-tops, hardwood floors, even move the rooms around the house in some cases. This customization is a fun, and sometimes expensive part of the new home buying experience. We can help you navigate Design Centers, pointing out what adds the most value and what is waste to keep your costs down! design_center_03
  4. You Pick your view too: Where a house goes matters, north facing, south facing, what has a great view now may not in a couple years when the building is completed. We do the research on the area for you, knowing the future plans for the community, and your home situation. We can help you select the best lot, one that will enhance your homes value in the years to come.SterlingRanch-image
  5. All things new– Its nice to know that all the parts of your home are not going to break on you because they are past their expected life span. In a new home everything is new, and while that doesn’t guarantee your house won’t have some quirks or issues, the low maintenance lifestyle does draw people to new homes. This does not mean there is not work to be done though, often landscaping is not included, nor are window coverings, or furnishings. There is always work to do, but some builders do offer some of these included. As part of our service we will offer to have your house inspected before you move in and at the one-year mark, on us, to make sure that everything is working like new things should, to keep you worry free. house_inspected
  6. Going Green on the Cutting Edge– Many new home communities are being built with upgrades and additions you would not find in other communities which put them on the cutting edge of technology. Sterling Ranch offers 1 Gb of internet with Century Link and smart home tech built into each home standard, as well as a fully renewable water system. Sierra Ridge offers a solar energy plan through Solar 20/20 for cheap and green energy. These are great incentives and offer great built-in upgrades to your home. We can help you find the neighborhood with the perks you are looking for.solarshingles_721_420_80_s_c1
  7. A Watchful Eye– The waiting is the hardest part, once you sign it’s usually 6-10 months before you get to move in, depending on the builder and the weather. That’s a long time to wait, and a lot happens in that time. At each section of building, foundation, structure, plumping, electrical, Drywall and finishing, the house is inspected. We will keep you up to date on what is happening with your build, and even drop by on occasion to give you a picture time lapse of your new house, making sure you are in the loop on the whole process.Home-Construction

Give us a Call to help you along the way to your new build home!

We are excited to help you!



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