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The Great Escape

The Great Escape


The Great Escape

They escaped, they fled, from the state, Pen.

Monica, Paul, their kids, you know…them.

It’s an Erie tale, what got them in that place

It probably has something to do with engineering

That made them leave grey clouds, not endearing.

Plus enduring the constant fall of great snows,

Nearly trapping them, where the lake wind blows.

Then, Transfer came like winning the lotto.

Paul got on a plane and came to Colorado! 

The search had to be quick. He’d know when he saw it

After viewing multiple houses deemed quite unfit.

I’ll spare you the story of houses under great towers

And all of the rest of lands that we scoured

For the sweet moment we saw Windy Court

With joy in his heart Paul came back to report!

He had found them a home, a new base, an escape

From winds and winters, they could now evacuate.

Quickly they passed, through walls of grey snow

Across state lines, with 3, make that 4 kids in tow.

And just as the year changed from Seventeen to eight.

They opened the doors and walked through the gate.

Just a few days of traveling, it couldn’t be sim’ler

8440 Windy Court, The Castle Nistler.





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