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The Jackson’s Story

The Jackson’s Story


They had moved into the house as newlyweds. Over the 7 years and a day their lives happened in that house. Their marriage had it’s start in those walls and they took it from empty to full of children. What were once empty rooms turned into increasingly full kid’s rooms to the point the house couldn’t contain them anymore, the house was literally bursting at the seams with the needs of more space. It was time to sell and move up to something that fit better.

The old saying is that when one door closes another one opens, and this was never truer than with this home search, for even as they went under contract on there old soon to be old house, their new home was coming on the market. As they closed in December and prepared for Christmas, the new house they had yet to meet lowered its price, and in a busy and competitive market the house stubbornly waited for a day in early January when the Jacksons would walk in and lay claim to it. Remarkably in a market where houses stayed on the market for less than a weekend, this house had managed to stick around for them. It wasn’t for nothing that it had stayed on the market, it had some wounds and scars from years of being rented which had scared away other buyers, and that time waiting on the market had made the seller willing to fix all those bumps and bruises, and they did gladly and quickly.

When you have a growing family finding something that fits is important, and it seems like they not only chose this house, but this house also chose them, and that’s a great fit.



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