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Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, there was a family named Goble, whose father was a Constable.
Then was the mother and two Boys, nerf and plastic were their Toys.
They played as heroes, battle Ready, ninja turtles vs. bebop and rockSteady!
But the mother worried as they Played, of debt and learning, and worldly Ways.
She taught them both as best she Could, of how to be both just and Good.

And together they all lived on the Ridge of a Castle, the Gobles of Castle Ridge.
Till one day, came a Letter of how they all might live much Better,
The parents Grand would come to Stay, but yet they knew there was no Way!
They couldn’t all fit onto this Ridge, they’d all fall off, they couldn’t add a Smidge.
Then a kindly witch came By, to solve this problem, by the By,
She promised them a home with space for All, if first they would sell this Castle Wall.

It was a gamble, and an act of Faith, but soon they did and then they Wait,
And soon to find in the Hills a brand new home, full of Thrills.
In a flash the family Took, in one small trip to Thistlebrook!
This house in the wilds of Daniels park, was not just near, but also Hark:
The parents grand came here to Stay, and all the debts and worry did fall Away.

The family Goble, now all Together, in wooden floors and worn Leather
In Thistlebrook would make their Home, exploring all the rooms to Roam.
All of this and here’s the clencher, with each new home comes new Adventure!



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