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Half a Heart, Half a Home Leads to a NEW Greenwood

Half a Heart, Half a Home Leads to a NEW Greenwood

Jackson is amazing, because Jackson lives on only half a heart. It’s not easy, but it is miraculous to think about, as you see him wave friendly to you and say “hi”, tottering about the room, smiling. Unfortunately because of the oxygen he needs to be on he spent most of his time in the main living room because that’s where the bulky oxygen equipment was, and so did his family because he was there. It made the house smaller than it was, much of the house was divided by stairs and so they spent all their time in just two rooms which made a full sized house into half a house. So it was time for a move.

Thank God for this market, because with this growing market comes equity in your home, and the Holbrook’s were able to turn that equity into the upgrade they needed. They were able to find not just a larger place but a place with a large open main floor, a house which fit them as a family. A place which is made fuller by everyone being there. This wasn’t just an upgrade, this was freedom, this was making the adjustment needed to welcome Jackson fully into the life of the family, giving him the freedom to move about and join them in all the rooms of the house. They even got to keep their street name, as Greenwood Place became Greenwood Drive, nearby enough to be familiar, far enough to be new, and yet familiar enough to confuse the post office.

We wish you luck in your new home Holbrook Family! 


Celebrating NEW beginnings!



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