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Navy Men

Navy Men

It’s moments like this that make me love my job!

Andrew will tell you of the benefits that come with serving your country. That’s what he does, he’s a navy recruiter (whose worked construction in the past), but the benefits sometimes go beyond that of what’s stated in the brochures he hands out at schools.

When Fred put his house on the market after 57 years of living there, his son came to me to sell it for him. I never got to meet Fred, but in getting the house ready I learned a little about him, in the American flags that were about the house and in the work bench in the basement. Fred was a former military man who liked to tinker, one who had given his whole life to this house.

As the house hit the market, the competition for the house was fierce, 91 showings turned into 23 offers. It was so intense that the house even made the evening news. The Denver market currently requires you to bring everything you can to get a house, and even that isn’t enough sometimes. You need an edge, to press any advantage you can find, lucky for both Fred and Andrew, they had me in their corner. As an astounding twenty three offers were reviewed and organized, many of them very competitive, I was able to put Andrew in a position to be considered. When it came time for Fred to pick his buyer from the group, it was the Navy background of Andrew that sold Fred on Andrew. Fred was also a Navy man, and his service to his country, to the red white and blue of the flags that Fred held on to, was the selling point which was the benefit and winning edge that Andrew needed to get the home. As broker I was able to connect these two together and Fred was happy to be able to pass his home on to another Navy man.




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