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Homes For Sale in Southridge, Highlands Ranch, CO

Homes For Sale in Southridge, Highlands Ranch, CO


Southridge, Highlands Ranch, CO
Welcome home to Southridge, a great community within the heart of Highlands Ranch! Highlands Ranch is a suburb located 12 miles south of Denver, meaning it’s close to just about everything that the Denver metro area has to offer. Highlands Ranch is divided into 5 major subdivisions: Northridge, Eastridge, Southridge,  Westridge and Backcountry. Southridge is the part of Highlands Ranch that lies south of Summit View Parkway, east of Broadway and west of Fairview Parkway which turns into McArthur Ranch Road when it changes directions from north/south to east/west.

What’s the neighborhood like?
Southridge is one of the most recent developments within Highlands Ranch, with homes generally being built from 1998 through 2007. The dividing lines between Southridge and Eastridge can have a bit of overlap depending on who you ask. Most of the homes in this area feature moderately sized yards and easy access to shopping centers, parks, trails and more!

Most communities in Southridge are under the jurisdiction of the Highlands Ranch Community Association (HRCA) which grants residents have access to 4 state-of-the-art recreation centers that offer work out facilities, indoor pools, basketball courts, running tracks and much more. Some communities within Southridge however are not included within the HRCA boundaries so do not have access to the recreation centers. There are some communities that have made special arrangements with HRCA for optional access to the recreation centers for an extra cost. Be sure to check if any homes you are interested in may fall within those boundaries if recreation center access is important to you.

In Southridge you will find a variety of home styles at various price points. There is a wide range of home prices available in Eastridge. Most of the homes in Eastridge are detached single family homes, but attached homes can also be found in the area. Currently, there are condos and townhomes available for between the mid $100,000s and mid $300,000s. Detached single family homes can be found starting at the mid $200,000s up through to the mid $700,000s.

What Schools are in the area?

Highlands Ranch is located within the Douglas County School District, which has been ranked as one of the top ranked school districts in Colorado. There are 19 elementary schools, 4 middle schools and 5 high schools in the Highlands Ranch area.

Depending on the area within Southridge, schools can feed into either Rock Canyon High School, Mountain Vista High School or in some cases Highlands Ranch High School. Other schools in the area include: Heritage Elementary, Redstone Elementary, Copper Mesa Elementary, Saddle Ranch, Elementary, El Dorado Elementary, Cougar Run Elementary, Sand Creek Elementary, Summit View Elementary, Arrowwood Elementary, Platte River Elementary, Rocky Heights Middle School (feeds into Rock Canyon High School, Mountain Ridge Middle School (feeds into Mountain Vista High School), and Cresthill Middle School (feeds into Highlands Ranch High School). Valor Christian High School is also centrally located.

With so much to offer, you’ll want to make Southridge in Highlands Ranch your next home!

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