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Our Expertise – A New Tool

Our Expertise – A New Tool

When listing your house, the key is excitement. You want people to not only know your house is on the market, you want them to be excited about it and we’ve got the tool which is designed for just that. It’s called ComingSoonDenver.com. Here’s how it works.

Let’s say you want to put your house on the market, while we are getting it ready, we can already be advertising that it is going to come on the market, have a sign in the yard, and a site which is counting down the days, hours and minutes until your house hits the market, and nothing builds excitement like a ticking clock!

This is easily non-intrusive to you as well, as all we need is a photo of the front of the house, and a signed listing agreement to allow us to do this, and to set our clock by. Everyone who drives by your house will be able to see your house is coming before it hits the market, so that when it does you already have people waiting in line to check it out. This is a tool that only we have as Re/Max Professionals in the Denver area, no other company is doing this.

This will be going live this month, so be sure to ask us about it if you are thinking of moving! Exciting isn’t it!



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