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Our Expertise: How We Win

Our Expertise: How We Win

We are celebrating 15 years of service, and with that 15 years comes experience, and with that experience comes skills. We’d like to share some of those skills and the success they have wrought with you. This is how we get it done.

It’s Tough for Buyers
House with key
We are in year 4 of it being a seller’s market, which is great for listings, but much more complicated for buyers. Early this year we had a listing that had 91 showing and resulted in 23 offers! This was even covered by the news as they followed a new couple trying to find a home, and they were losing out, even with great offers. It can be tough for buyers, often putting in many offers before they are able to win one. As housing prices rise this is going to be continuing problem, particularly for the lower end of the market. I am proud to say we don’t have this problem.

How We Win
This year we helped 13 families buy a home, some for the first time and otheTarget and Arrowr transitioning to a new one. In these cases, we were in competition, sometimes with as many as 10 or 20 other people, and in each case, we won. There are a couple ways we do this, which sets us apart from the rest. One is Video. It’s common practice for a family to send a letter, but we think video puts us over the top, seeing your faces and hearing your voice gives you and your offer an edge at the consideration table. A minute video is the best way to make the seller feel like they know you.        


The RE/MAX name
REMAX_mastrBalloon_CMYKAlso on your side is the fact that we are with RE/MAX Professionals. Our company has serious street cred in this market, we are known for being good at what we do, for being Professional, and because of that people want to work with us. Re/Max Pros does between 22-25% of the business in the south Denver market, and in a world full of amateurs and new agents, it’s good to have someone who knows what they are doing on your side.


Knowing The Market
Time and moneyFinally, is preparation. By knowing you and your needs, what the market is asking for, we have the experience to know what a good offer looks like, knowing how much to offer, what terms, timing, and price would be most appealing, gives us a leg up on the competition and gives you the best chance at winning. This is always changing with the market, but staying on top of the market is our job. We can’t control if you win, but we are good at giving you the best chance. Give us a call if you are thinking about buying, we’d love to help you make your dreams happen.




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