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It’s time to open a NEW door!

After over 20+ years of opening doors and touching lives in the Denver real estate market, I am retiring early summer. My heart is full of gratitude as I reflect on the many doors that have been opened, and the many lives that have touched mine. Memories of the first time we walked into your first home! And then when you grew out of it and needed me to help you again sell and buy! Thank you for the loving sweet hugs from your kids at the pumpkin patch and sharing their star gazed faces with me, as they waited in line to meet Santa. Thank you for inviting me into your life and sharing your dreams with me. I treasure all your stories in my heart forever.


Becky Berzins & Rachel Schroeder, The Roze Team @ The Denver 100
303.979.8888 / bberzins@rozeteam.com / rschroeder@rozeteam.com

Why did I handpick Becky & Rachel? I TRUST them to care for you. We did a trial run with several close clients, and they overwhelmingly exceeded my very, very high standards. They firmly believe like I do, that people are more important than the transaction, which is why they strive to create a deeper connection with their clients than simply client/agent. This core belief is what I built my business on and why I am confident in leaving you, your family, and friends in their care.

Some of you may have worked with Becky Berzins years ago when she was my prized assistant. Becky and Rachel Schroeder are sisters that have been selling real estate in Denver since 1992 – Multi-year winners of Five Star Professional Legend Award, 5280 Magazine Award, and SMDRA Diamond Circle Award! More importantly than awards and accolades, I am highly confident they will carry forward my desired legacy of SERVICE, TRUST, and COMPASSION.


I have been called to a fresh purpose and will be stepping back into the health & wellness arena, while at the same time building a healing soul care practice called HomeBody …stay tuned for more on that in the months to come. I invite you to call or text if you’d like to learn more. Thank you again for your TRUST and being part of a fruitful and lifegiving career in real estate.